Magic in pill form.

What is 4D printing?

4-dimensional printing also known as 4D bioprinting, active origami, or shape transformation systems) uses the same 3D printing techniques through the computer-programmed deposition of material in successive layers to create a three-dimensional object. However, 4D printing adds the dimension of transformation over time. Therefore, it is a type of programmable…


Carbon recycling: A new way to fight global warming

An initiative of "carbon recycling" that suppresses CO2 emissions by treating CO2 as a resource, separating and recovering it, and reusing it for various products and fuels. We gave an overview of carbon recycling and expected usage methods, but various efforts have been made since then. This time, let’s…

Travelling at the speed of light

photons produced by the Sun require barely eight minutes to arrive at the Earth. The 93 million mile (150 million km) venture across the territory of void space is no deterrent to this light, however it implies that when we check out the Sun, we’re considering it to be it…

What is Time?

Time is a proportion of relentless, predictable change in our environmental factors, for the most part from a particular perspective.

While the idea of time is plainly obvious and instinctive – the consistent passing of occasions before our eyes; the circle of the Moon all throughout our…

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